Commercial Contracts / Business

Our goal is to be an integrated part of your management team, whether you’re looking for assistance with a single transaction or outside counsel on an ongoing basis. We measure our success by yours: offering a wide range of legal services to business and corporate clients, ranging from sole proprietorships to mid-sized companies.

We tailor our services to fit your legal needs and budget. A representative sample of the business services we offer includes:

  • Formation; we can help you pick the best form of business for your needs, draft the corporate documents, bylaws, minutes and any other formation paperwork as well as assist with filing;
  • Governance; we can advise you on a range of legal issues your business may encounter – and create documents like policy manuals and employee, vendor or licensing agreements before you need them – so your infrastructure is ready when you are;
  • Financial Transactional Services; Whether you’re a purchaser, seller or target, we can assist you with buyouts, private placements, recapitalizations, mergers and acquisitions;
  • Strategic Planning; We’ll work with you to anticipate disputes, as well as identify and minimize risks, that may lead to litigation. And as experienced litigators, we also work with an eye toward creating the best possible record, so when disputes do arise, our clients are in the best possible position to litigate if absolutely necessary;
  • For mature businesses, sometimes the time comes to sell, transfer to family, or close the doors.  We’ll help you through the transition from beginning to end, and work to find the best solution for you.


One of the cornerstones of our business practice is the software industry. Our clients are start-ups and established technology companies in the municipal, healthcare, retail and other sectors. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to navigate through the complex and frequently evolving transactions with your customers, suppliers, independent contractors and employees.

From a single contract review to serving as outside counsel, we offer a range of services to integrate seamlessly with your management team at a price point that makes sense for your company. A representative sample of the types of software-related agreements we handle includes:

  • Nondisclosure
  • Proprietary Information & Inventions
  • Beta-Testing
  • Software & SaaS Licensing
  • White-label Licensing
  • Asset Purchase
  • Master Services
  • Professional Services
  • Data Processing


We also represent emerging and established talent in the television, film, and new media industries. We understand the value of intellectual property and the arts, and work closely with our clients to protect your creative assets, anticipate potential issues, assist you with developing those assets and enforcing your rights in your projects and services.

Here again, we tailor our services to fit your legal needs and budget, from a single matter to serving as on-call production counsel from the start to finish of a film.  In addition to our intellectual property services, a representative sample of the entertainment services we offer includes:

  • Joint venture, partnership, loan-out, d/b/a and other types of formation agreements
  • Agreements and deal memos for actors, writers, directors, producers and other creatives
  • Child actor ratification agreements
  • Option purchase and life story agreements
  • Shopping agreements
  • Letters of Intent
  • Guild agreements
  • Financing, distribution and licensing agreements
  • Talent agreements for composers, songwriters, producers and recording engineers
  • Software licensing and other new media-specific agreements
  • Influencer, marketing, sponsorship and other promotional agreements