Prospective clients may set up a phone appointment without charge. A phone appointment involves answering general questions about our office, attorneys, the legal services we can provide and whether those services are offered on an hourly rate with a retainer or as a flat fee.

Consultations are scheduled for prospective clients who would like to discuss one or more specific matters and get an evaluation of, or assistance with, their situation. We prefer to do initial consultations in person, but we’re also available by phone or video chat. A fee is charged for consultations.


If you decide we’re a good fit for your needs, representation begins only after you’ve signed a written fee agreement and paid either a retainer or flat fee, depending upon the matter.  Please do not send unsolicited documents. We do not open unsolicited documents nor do they create an attorney-client relationship.

Payment Options

Consultations may be arranged with either cash, MasterCard or Visa. We also accept checks and offer a PayPal portal for existing customers.